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Here are a few links to some of our favorite sites.  Some are tracker related, some are just plane cool, others are places to check out as a good American.

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    D.O.D. SCUBA.  This is another Veteran Owned and Operated small business.  Hell, you'll recognize some of the folks here.  They can train the average person to become a certified beginning diver, advanced diver, specialty diver, to Master, technical, all the way to dive instructor. The home Dive Shop is located in Angier, NC, with the West Coast location in the San Diego, CA area.   Check them out at

If you're in NC and need firearms training or a NC Conceded Carry Weapons course  Certification in order to get CCW permit, contact   They can also hook you up with any tactical gear you might need to go downrange.



Why not doing something great and serve your country... , , ,


The Scott-Donelan Tracking School
TSDTS is David Scott-Donelan's second company.  After leaving the first, he formed TSDTS and continued the legacy of training Combat Visual Tracking around the globe.  TSDTS and TTTS are proud to work in conjunction with one-another when the time permits, and we consider David and TSDTS as a sister company.   We encourage our students to train with DSD if they have the chance, as his knowledge and experiences combined with what you learn from us here at Tactical Tracker Training School will only make you better as a Visual Tracker.
...and be careful of those jerks that are out there stealing his and my material. 

NORTRACK is a new tracking school opened by two former students turned colleagues of ours who work hand in hand with Tactical Tracker Training School to continue to offer the Rhodesian Style of Tracking to military and law enforcement around the world. 

Neil and David (founders of NORTRACK) are great friends, and like-minded Trackers.
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