LEAD Instructor


With over 18 years of Tracking Experience and 6+ years as a Combat/Visual Tracking Instructor, Talon has operational tracking experience in Desert, Jungle, and Forest environments.   Talon has been an instructor with TTTS since the companies inception in 2010. He has worked with companies in Albuquerque, NM and Fayetteville, NC to work with JIEDDO (Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization) on CIED Tracking, as well as Advanced Surveillance projects. He continued as an IC in Fayetteville, NC for tracking operations as well as other secure projects to include vehicle based/rolling surveillance and Combat/Visual Tracking Operations.

He has participated in the Tracking of drug smugglers and illegal aliens through National Parks on the US/MEX border with National Park Service Special Rangers and US CBP.  Assisted in SAR operations with North Carolina SBI in both Tracking and weapon Recovery Ops including scuba SAR operations, and has worked as an SME with USMC for Combat Jungle Tracking Operations.

Former Member of the instructor cadre for Counter Drug Tactical Mantracking for Law Enforcement at Mid-Atlantic Narcotics Training Academy. In addition to the past 10 years of operational tracking and taking over 400 hours of various formal combat/tactical visual man tracking training courses; he has completed the 600 hour Tactical Tracker Training School Instructor course as a Lead Tactical Visual Tracking Instructor for TTTS.  Successfully certified for Surveillance Operations and training through Mid Atlantic Narcotics Training Academy.

Talon is currently the Vice President and a Lead Instructor at Tactical Tracker Training School, as well as an on-call consultant for over one dozen Law Enforcement agencies for their Visual Tracking Teams.

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