TMT Level 2 Photos

Below: Tactical Mantracking for Law Enforcement level II students from Johnston Community College.

Below: Tactical Mantracking for LE students during practical exercises.

Below: Students on a blaze during practical exercises.

Below:  ...say no more...

Below: Talon Wilkinson

Below: Larry

Below: Tracking team closes on the quarry during a practical exercise.

Below:  Exercise is over, quarry is BINGO and time for chow.

Lynn pauses for chow

Below: Caslile breaks into the feed bag.

Below: Z and Rock reflect on the practical exercise and replenishment.

Below: L E Students from Western Piedmont Community College Tactical Mantracking Level II.

Below:The AO for WPCC Tactical Mantracking for LE course.  Linville Gorge, NC

Below: Students from Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office

Below: Students from NC DOC PERT

Below: Students from Wilksboro PD

Below:PERT students and Talon

Below:Talon and Larry


Below:Graduated Law Enforcement students from Randoloph Community College Tactical Mantracking level II class 040313 Mar2013

Below: tracking aerial spoor


Below: A is BINGO

Below:  Checking grid

Below:debrief after the practical exercise.
Below: Graduating students final debrief.

Below: Lincolnton PD, MCSO, Huntersville PD, and GCSO officers (Team Alpha, Class 080613) Stand in the rain after a long day of anti-tracking.

Below:WPCC level II class 141113 Groupshot   Nov.2013

Below: Team A after terminating the quarry  42 min. after beginning the final tracking exercise.

Below: Talon and Teams returning after the final exercise while other students stand by.

Below: Students discuss events of the final exercise

Below: Student and Talon discuss events of the exercise.

Below: Downtime and AARs


Below: Downtime after the final exercise.

Below: Tactical Mantracking class 030214 
Below: Instructor Talon, and student walk the IED / Booby Trap lane.

Below:    Class break.

Below:...Damn COLDB

Below:  Talon and Larry conducting exercises...

Below: Walking back after the exercise.

Below:   Members of class 070214 Level II Students....Oops..couldn't locate the group shot.  check back later..

Below: Graduating Tactical Mantracking for Law Enforcement level II class 130914        

Below:  Talon tracks / stalks up to the quarry..


Below: Wolves...


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