TMT Level 1 Photos

Below: Law Enforcement Students from Western Piedmont Community College Tactical Mantracking Level I Course.

Below:  Debriefing students at the end of the course. 

Below: Students from Tactical Mantracking for LE Level I, Randolph Community College

Below: Tracking Students on spoor and crossing the open.

Above: Spoor found.
Below: stop..look...listen.  Flank tracker pauses.

Team Alpha after BINGO

Below:Level I students from RCCC #050413

Below:Level I class from WPCC #070513

Below:Instructors debrief at the end of Day 3  

Below: Josh Kholer, debriefs after a practical exercise

Below: Team C returning after the exercise
Below: Instructor Josh Kholer, in discussion with officers from various agencies.

Below: Officers from Appalachian State and NC Wildlife discuss the practical exercise

Below; Student takes some antlers back to NY

Below:Students headed back to the vehicles

Below: Dave (left) and Larry discuss how the exercise went.

Below: Group shot RCC Level I #090613

Below: Flanker looks back to the Controller during lost spoor procedures.

Below: Tracking Team photograph of positive spoor on moss in Uwharrie National Forrest.

Below: Teams conducting weapons check before practical exercises in the field.

Below: Tracking Team processes and collects track evidence (ground spoor) at the ICP before commencing follow up.

Below: NC Wildlife Students during a Tracking Exercise for Tactical Mantracking for Law Enforcement Level I.

Below: NC Wildlife Agents and other area LEO prepare for 1 of 2 long practical exercises

Below: Team transitions from "Y" Formation into extended line during React to Contact drills.

Below: Team processes spoor at the ICP.

Below: Team moving in the extended line during immediate action drills.

 BELOW: US Marshal SOG class 161213

Below: The Y formation as seen by the rear security

Below: Confirming spoor.

Below: Bounding Team cutting off the quarry

Below: US Marshal SOG students class 171213

Below: RCCC class 181213
Students analyze and interpret action indicators on the spoor pit exercise

Below: Tyler works with a student during Micro Tracking Instruction.

Below: Class 181213

BELOW: 2014 Level I Classes_______________________________________
Below: San Juan County, New Mexico  class 010114
Students study the spoor pit during the exercise on day 1 with Instructor Talon (far right)

below:Students during the Team Tracking PE                                                                 Photo copyright Lawrence Wilkinson 2014

Below: Students pause nearing the end of the PE                                                           Photo copyright Lawrence Wilkinson 2014

Below:Quarry Captured after students tracked and forced him into a dead end during a PE

Below: Team and Quarry

Below: Instructor Talon, watching for tracking team and listening for the helo during the final tracking PE

Below: Taking cover from the helo, while the Tracking team is still on spoor and moving

Below: Quarry's view of the relentless helo

Below:  Damnit...Captured 

Below: Tracking success

Below:  Tactical Mantracking for Law Enforcement Class 010114

BELOW: Randolph CC  Class 020114

Below: Students from Indiana National Guard and Ft Bragg SRT Speicial  level I class 

Below: Pete checks map grids

Below: Snake takes a long 3 hr ride during the final follow-up exercise.

Tactical Mantracking for Law Enforcement Students from Pitt CC level I  Class 060414

Below: Talon and PERT Student look over area of disturbance 


Below: Checking Grid

Above: Students pause on the track line at a danger area.
Below: Camo

Below: Students of Tactical Mantracking for Law Enforcement level I class 070414.                                  WPCC LE Training Cntr

Below: Day 1 of level I...Death by Power Point portion of the day.

Below: Graduating students from level I getting the debrief and HOOYAH speech from Talon after his injury on the mountain.

Below:  TTTS instructors look on as Talon does the parting speech to graduating students.

Below: Level I students looking ahead to Level II.
Below: Graduating Class from Army National Guard Sniper Combat Tracking class 080514

 Below:  TTTS instructor Tyler (Kyle) Hart, on day 1, explaining fundamentals to Army National Guard students in level I

Below: Instructor Matt Causey explaining fundamentals during spoor pit exercise/demonstrations to Army Nat. Guard students.
Below: Lead Instructor and Program Director Talon Wilkinson...looking on while nursing the leg injury from a previous class.

Below: Army Guard students working the spoor pit scenarios.

Below:  Combat Tracking students conducting exercises during level I.

Below: Team Delta after tracking and capturing the quarry in 21 mins. during a woodland practical exercise.

Below: ...captured quarry: 

Below:  Army National Guard Students on last day exercise of level I Combat Tracking course.

Below: Quarry

Below: Instructor/Role Player at the end of an exercise...pouring rain
Below:Quarry over watching the FFP. 
Below: Graduating class from Tactical Mantracking for Law Enforcement Class SP110814 Beckely, West Virginia 4 photoes

Below: TTTS Instructor Dano, left, and Deputy US Marshal (OZZY) during a long practical exercise as quarry.

Below: Next 2 shots, students descend the mountain after a long practical tracking exercise.

Below: Graduating Level I Tactical Mantracking for Law Enforcement class on Ft Bragg, 110814
Below:  Larry debriefing after the practical exercise.


Below:  Tactical Mantracking for Law Enforcement level I class 120914

Below:  Student is the subject for a Print Name exercise in level I

Below: TTTS Instructor Matt Causey demonstrates the dynamics of the footprint in the spoor pit demonstrations

Below: Students working out the action indicators during spoor pit scenarios.

Below: Students line up for a pre exercise weapons check.

Below: This is the result of simpletons when you park at the hotel.

Below: Graduating Class Tactical Mantracking for Law Enforcement class 161114

Below: Students in 4 Teams work through the Spoor Pit Exercises

Below: Talon works with students in the Spoor Pit                       Photo Copyright TTTS 2014

Below: Students from Kill Devil Hills ERT  working the Spoor Pit Exercise              Photo Copyright TTTS 2014
 Below: Entering the Great Dismal Swamp to conduct Tracking Exercises    Photo Copyright TTTS 2014

Below: Team from Kill Devil Hills ERT prepare to enter the Great Dismal Swamp to start exercises.  Photo copyright TTTS 2014

Below: Team Charlie...on spoor and headed into the swamp. 

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