Rural Surveillance Photo

Below: Students from TTTS Rural Surveillance for Law Enforcement Course.

Below: Students prepares for the practical exercise

(Above: Student emerges from his position after conducting surveillance from a hasty hide site)

(Above: Surveillance team conducts surveillance from a hasty hide site)

(Above: Surveillance team in a hasty hide position, Below: the same team from a rear view, showing the need for 360 degree camo and concealment.)

(Above and Below: Students prepare for insertion before conducting surveillance operations in highly populated areas)
(Above: Students stays warm in a secondary / stand by position during surveillance operation)

(Above / Below: Students prepare to conduct surveillance operations from their secondary position)

(Wilson and Lumberton PD (Team Alpha) in front of their hide site after conducting their final days operation)

(Above / Below: Two man surface hide site from front and rear view points)

Above: Law Enforcement Rural Surveillance Students from Western North Carolina.
Below: Talon leads instruction block for Rural Surveillance.

Below: Students of a 3 man Rural Surveillance Team in a hide.

Below: A closer look at the hide...

Below:  Rural Surveillance for LE at Randolph CC #060513

Below:Students learn how to a build an operational ghilli suit, and the opportunity to work on it during classroom portions of the course


Below: Instructor Talon works on programming between blocks of instruction

Below: Students after a practical exercise

Below: students headed back to the classroom after an initial PE

Below: Students returning after the first long practical exercise

Below: End of another fun day in the woods.

Below:Randolph Community College,  Rural Surveillance for Law Enforcement Course Class Group shot.

Below:  Graduating class, Caldwell CC, 
Rural Surveillance for Law Enforcement Course.

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