Chief Director of Operations
CWO US Army SF Retired

Mr. Lambert is a retired Warrant officer from an Elite Army Special Forces Unit. He has over 24 years in Special Forces, and assisted on several special programs as an Intelligence Director, Special Projects Training Program Manager, Deputy Director of Operations and a Training SME Specialist in weapons, CIED, EOD, Tactical Tracking training, Multi-Purpose Canine (MPC) training, Forensics Collection (Pre-Post Blast), and Special Exercise Training with WMD/CWMD operations under contracts with DOD/ DOE/DTRA/DOJ/JIEDDO. 

In fact he has led many programs under all these agencies since (2005-2014) while contributing to Conventional Forces and different contracts under USSOCOM.  Specifically under support to JIEDDO and Army SOF he was able to build, train and deploy a collection Intel Team(s) both in Afghanistan and Iraq.   His teams were the first to deploy left/right of “bang” to collect and pursuit the enemy with Attack the network and or Network/ Forensics Collection and training of these skills to Army, Air Force, and Marines.  Since his retirement from the Army in 2004 he has worked for USASOC, AFSOC, MARSOC, WARCOM,   DOJ, DTRA, JIEDDO in different levels.  His experience has been taught and shared with Special Tier I/II units in many different and diversified Theater(s) of operation (CENTCOM/PACOM).  He has been recognized for exceptional expertise in facilitating pre-mission planning, training, execution, and deploying Multi Combat Contractor Teams to Afghanistan and Iraq.  All his teams were civilian contractors who required 3-5 weeks of pre-mission training so they can deploy as HME/Intel Collectors/ EOD Pursuit Teams, and Tactical Exploitation teams.  The two unique concepts were eventually deployed to both Conventional Forces and Special Operations Forces.  Currently both forces continue today with special training in Combat Tactical Tracker Training, Intel Collection training, Counter IED Collection / Forensics Collection, CIED-EOD tech Teams, Multi-Purpose Canine Training Teams and deploying certified Combat Man-Tracking Teams into combat. (2007-2011)

His team’s demonstrated relevancy to JIEDDO and the Combat Theaters with Tactical Exploitation Teams ”TET” Afghanistan and Forensics Collection Teams “Fox Teams” in Iraq.  Both were instrumental in the collection, capture, collection of battlefield IED forensics and instrumental in CIED evidence collection leading to pursuit, capture, and eventually removing IED/ EFP/ EOD Devices from combat patrols.  This was clearly due to his team’s advising combat teams with relevant Intel trends and analysis, and sharing Intel forensics with a new JIEDDO Network.  This process morphed into a new Intel process of Forensics sharing, trend analysis and documenting Enemy TTPs.  JIEDDO’s proof of concept led to the eventual reduction of devices from both theaters.  The two “proof of concepts” eventually were implemented into Army/Air Force/ MARSOC Training POI’s.   

The Tracking concepts in Iraq and Afghanistan morphed training concepts into a CONUS Man Tracking concept which were also instructed & applied to Law-Enforcement training.  This training has grown to now include local federal and state training with agencies (State LEA, US Marshalls, FBI, and Counter Terrorism teams).  Mr. Lambert’s global expertise makes him one of the most exceptional Chief Operating Officers/ Chief Executive officers in support of special units/or special operations within TTTS.  His combat experience in daily operations, mission planning, mission execution, tactical & combat tracking training instruction, specialized tactical forensics, biometrics training consulting make him one of the most demanding instructors  and mangers in the tracking & CIED field.

He has over 35 years of civilian military experience with over 23 years instructional experience. He is currently a board member and advisor to Tactical Tracker Training School Raleigh Durham North Carolina.

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