Dave McCall: Served 23 years with U.S. Army Special Forces in the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th Special Forces Groups, 5th SFGA & Special Mission Advisory Group-Viet Nam. U.S. Military Training Mission-Saudi Arabia. Desert Shield-Saudi Arabia and Desert Storm-Kuwait City.

   Retired at the rank of Chief Warrant Officer. Established Kings Security Intl. Inc. (1991), McCall Technology Inc. (1998).

  Served as Special Forces "A" Detachment Commander/Technician 6 years, Team Sergeant 3 years, Intelligence Sergeant 2 years, Communications Sergeant 4 years. Served one year as OIC/Senior Instructor U.S. Army Special Operations Training Course, Night Committee, (Mott Lake). Responsible for Close Quarters Combat, Air Operations, Live Fire Scenarios and Command & Control Training. Senior Instructor Electronic Surveillance and Bomb Recognition. Served 2 Years as Instructor U.S.A. John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center Advanced Skills Branch, NCOIC Mountain Training U.S. Military Academy, West Point (2 years),

  Graduated from over 30 schools in Special Operations, Counter-Terrorism, Counter-Insurgency, Intelligence, Special Operations Tactics and Survival proficiencies. 

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