US NAVY Veteran

Born in 1955 at Ft. Campbell, KY. Father was a career soldier in the US Army 187th, 101st, Airborne, and Special Forces.

Larry's tracking experience began as early as age 12 as a Boy Scout. Served in the US Navy from 1974-1980, his training was formalized at the XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXsia in 19XX where he learned the British style of Jungle tracking.  Operated in the private sector with teams to track as well as other tactical operations in Central and South America during the late 80s, early 90s War on Drugs.

Entered Law Enforcement and was a trained SRT member to include Police Sniper, marine interdiction, physical / rural surveillance, gang/drug interdiction, underwater crime scene investigation, and aerial marijuana spotter.  A Combat/Visual Tracker Trainer/Instructor, Larry is also a certified firearms instructor, range safety officer, NC DOJ Concealed Carry Instructor, and SCUBA instructor.

Larry Resigned from law enforcement after Katrina/Rita to work contract security and operate with companies awarded DoD contracts as an independent contractor(IC).

As an (IC)  he worked with the U.S. Marine Corps Combat Hunter Program as an instructor/consultant and SME on Combat Tracking at Camp Lejeune, NC. The same year he worked (IC) as a role player on DoD contracts.  He later worked for David Scott-Donelan’s company as an instructor/trainer on the U.S. Army Ft. Huachuca Combat Tracker Program and MTTs to train members of the U.S. Military nationwide.

Other tracking and training include the Dept. of Interior National Park Service: Instruct, Consult, and aid Special National Park Rangers and members of the U.S. Border Patrol, in tracking of illegal aliens and drug smugglers through the national parks on the U.S. Mex. Border.  He has also trained members of U.S. Navy (NSW), U.S. Marine Corps Force Recon, Marine Combat Hunter Instructors West Coast, U.S. Army Cav. Scouts, members of ** SF Grp. Ft. Bragg, NC, ***EOD at Ft. Campbell, KY, U.S. Army Sniper Instructors, Ft Benning, GA, and others to include National Guard elements, and law enforcement personnel from several agencies nation wide.

Founded the Tactical Tracker Training School after realizing the need for quality tracker training for the military and law enforcement was essential for today’s real world environment. Today, Larry Wilkinson and David Scott-Donelan are working together in conjunction, to offer the finest training and integrity available to the men and women who put it on the line for our freedom and safety.

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