Jungle Tracking: JDUB

Below: Graduating Instructor Class #JDUB0616 USMC Jungle Warfare Training Center                            Photo Copyright TTTS 2016

Below: Talon Conducts training at JWTC

Below: Larry Conducts training at JWTC

Below: Dave conducting training at JWTC

Below:Talon conducts Spoor Pit demonstrations

Below: Micro to Macro exercises

Below:Individual Tracking exercise, finding spoor

Below: Talon debriefs teams after the tracking exercises

Below:the soggy shot

Below:The Jungle

Below: Marines taking a break on LZ 17, the only flat, dry land ,after a long tracking exercise.

Below: the area North of LZ 21

Below: Larry emerging from the Jungle

Below: Days end and waiting for the ride...

Below...the ride is here.

Below: Preparing to go down the IED and Booby Trap Lane

Below: Sampling an alien egg sack slime ball.

Below: Continuation of spoor pit demonstrations and exercises...without the rain.

\Below: Students study the action indicators on the spoor pit.

Below:Marines moving on spoor in Ranger File formation

Below: Breaking after the taxing exercise on  LZ 21 "Hard Training makes Hard Marines"

Dave McCall does a short debrief...


Below: Talon and Dave.

Below: The Habu Pit

Below:  Bear

Below: Talon and the entire Cadre, do a final debrief prior to graduation at the Habu Pit.

Below:  The Way Cool Cap

Below: Graduating class #JDUB0616

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