Daniel (Dan-o) Baldridge
MSG US Army SF Retired

Dan-O served 24 years as a Paratrooper and spent the last 16 in Army Special Operations. He has 25 years of demonstrated success leading, managing, and organizing complex and multi-functional organizations His leadership experience included serving as a military adviser in Central and South America. He served as the senior enlisted adviser at a Joint Special Operations Task Force Fire Base in Afghanistan. He’s a decorated combat leader that assisted in planning, resourcing, advising and conducting combat operations.

As a Special Forces instructor, Mr. Baldridge assisted in the authoring of the first Special Forces Personnel Recovery field training manual (FM) and taught classes in Personnel Recovery. Do to his expertise in (PR) he was appointed to serve as the liaison for the Army in early 2003 as it transitioned 8 prisoners of war back to military life.

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