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Law Enforcement COURSES Available from Tactical Tracker Training School LLC 

NOTICE: We can offer a special rate at our Asheboro / Uwharrie National Forest School House, and other NC venues to Sworn OUT of STATE, and FEDERAL Law Enforcement personnel at $125.00 per student, per 5 day ( 50 hr.) level, for groups of 8 and more, or individuals into a pre scheduled course. This special rate is less than half the normal cost of an MTT.   Contact Larry Wilkinson for more details

Law Enforcement / Homeland Security:      

  • Tactical Mantracking for LE Level I, II, and III

  • Tactical Mantracking for LE Level IV: Tracker Survival

  • Rural Surveillance for Law Enforcement

  • Land Navigation and Orienteering


    We can offer these courses at your location using our Mobile Training Team (MTT), or any location you may have available to suit your needs.  We can offer a desert / mountain location in AZ or NM, if your needs call for this type of environment. We also have our classroom location in NC near Ft. Bragg, as well as campuses of  several North Carolina Community College LE training depts. Throughout NC.  Law Enforcement Agencies can utilize the  NC Community College LE training program. We will also work with any agency outside of North Carolina, who's state has a program that we can work through if they are willing. Contact Larry Wilkinson for more information.  

    See the Details of Courses Below.  Please check back often, as the schedule is constantly changing as dates are being filled, We can also double book some dates on our calendar..

    Law Enforcement and Homeland Security Courses

    (Special Rates for Out of State Law Enforcement Students Contact Larry Wilkinson for details)

    Tactical Mantracking for Law Enforcement
     Level I  ( 50hrs. )  5 days

    • Introduction to Tactical Mantracking
    • Glossary of Tracking Terms
    • Visual Tracking Indicators and Interpretation
    • Human Step Dynamics
    • Rules of Tracking
    • Roles of a Tactical Mantracking Team
    • Lost Spoor Procedures
    • Tracking Team Formations
    • Processing and Preserving the Scene and Evidence
    • Basic Land Navigation, Compass and Map Reading

    • Deception and Anti / Counter Tracking
    • Booby Trap / IED Recognition, ground Sign awareness
    • Assessing the Age of Spoor
    • Camouflage / Concealment and Movement
    • Tracking to Surveillance
    • Night Tracking
    • Tracking in Urban Environments

    Tactical Mantracking for Law Enforcement 
    Level III  5 days (50 hrs.)

    • Hasty Crime Scene Tracking and Footprint Evidence Recognition
    • Urban Tracking Using Small Teams (2-3)
    • Small Unit Lost Spoor Procedures
    • Hasty Track from Jump and Run and B/E
    • Pursuit of Fleeing Felons and Escaped Inmates
    • Human and Drug Smuggling
    • Rural Narcotics Investigations
    • Expedited Site Processing
    • Urban IED and Booby Trap Recognition
    • Tracking Transition from Urban to Rural / Woodland Environments
    • k9 Deception and Counter Tracking Techniques and Recognition

    Tactical Mantracking for Law Enforcement 
    Level IV 4 days (60 hrs.)
    • Introduction to Wilderness Survival
    • Safety Brief and Logistics Concerns
    • Survival Psychology
    • Survival Planning, Kit, and Making Improvised Tools
    • Survival Actions
    • Stress and Survival
    • Types and Construction of Shelters
    • Water Procurement
    • Firecraft
    • Food Procurement
    • Traps, Snares, and Fish hooks
    • Plant use and Poisonous Plants
    • Overnight Survival


    Tactical Tracker EOD C-IED Course

    The Tactical Tracker CIED Tactical Acuity Course, is designed to train Law Enforcement EOD/CIED personnel  the basic Tactical Visual Tracking skills, combined with  tactics and operational procedures and enhanced ground sign awareness (GSA) which are specific to the needs of EOD/ CIED personnel. These skills and TTPs will assure more success in observing, recognizing, and locating indicators of hidden IEDs and mines, as well as the ability to track back to the source of the insurgent or cache. These skills have been proven force multipliers to combat units and EOD/IED personnel. Considered a must when working with sweepers and route clearing teams.  It is also the purpose of this course to provide military personnel with the skills, and tactics to safely collect forensic track evidence and intelligence gathering for basic WIT and JIEEDO investigations for both pre and post blast sites. 

    Course Objectives:

    1.         Teach EOD C-IED personnel Basic Visual Tracking techniques and Visual Tracking specific to C-IED missions.

    2.         Processing emplacement sites by locating, exploiting valuable forensic evidence and information left at the incident/blast site, and track-line.

    3.         Develop Tactical Acuity and learn the rules of tracking.

    4.         Develop enhanced Ground Sign Awareness (GSA) utilizing optics and stand-off locations.

    5.        Develop strong Track Interpretation skills in order to locate potential IED/Mines utilizing Action Indicators.
    6.        Understand Tactical Acuity Learning Strategies.

    7.         Backtrack to the source as applied to C-IED operations.

    8..        Become proficient with Micro-Macro Tracking and Transition Tracking (Sliding Scale).

    9..        Given scenarios locate, process, and Back-track quarry over various terrain.

    10.       Relocating lost spoor or (Track evidence) TTPs.

    11.        Team Tracking TTPs (Multi-member tracking)

    Total Contact hours: 50 hrs

    The Rural Surveillance for Law Enforcement Course is designed to teach officers how to insert, establish, and construct an observation post from rural hide sites for the purpose of gathering useful data to be used as evidence and intelligence.  The course covers issues for every part of conducting a successful rural surveillance operation from various equipment, tools and materials for building a hide, to the planning, briefing, insertion, personal and equipment camouflage, movement, navigation, recording, and associated legal issues.

    Rural Surveillance for Law Enforcement
    • Introduction to Rural Surveillance
    • Dangerous Plants and Animals
    • Personal Camouflage and Ghilli Suit Construction
    • Mission Planning and Briefing
    • Insertion and Extraction
    • Surveillance Equipment and Concealment Materials
    • Types of Hide sites
    • Hide Site Construction
    • Cameras, Video, and Optics
    • Movement
    • Logging and Reporting
    • Legal Issues

    Land Navigation / Orienteering 4 days (40hrs.)

    The Land Navigation and Orienteering, course is a comprehensive Navigational course. It is designed to train LE personnel how to navigate in various types of terrain in in all weather conditions. This class teaches the student how to outfit and prepare for a multitude of situations. This map reading / compass course focuses on teaching students to read different types of maps and interpret them. Concepts learned in this course include proximity, direction, region, density, latitude and longitude. Students may construct maps and learn about using computer mapping programs, and the use of various direction finding equipment.
       This course is based on the US Army Special Forces Land Navigation Course.

    •  Marginal Map Information
    • Orienteering and Dead Reckoning
    • Navigation and route planning.
    • Determine Location
    • Orient a Map
    • Lensatic or Hybrid Compass Selection and Use
    • Terrain Feature Identification Navigation, map reading.
    • Determine Grid Coordinates
    • Determine Azimuth
    • Pace Counts to Determine Distance
    • Intersection & Resection

    The Police Basic Open Water SCUBA dive course is designed to teach law enforcement officers the basic fundamentals of an entry level SCUBA diver, without the distractions of the many diversionary silliness injected by the dive industry into the SCUBA training program.  The student is trained by experienced professional instructors in a very structured program specifically geared to the law enforcement officer and his/her tolerances.  The student will graduate with a universal open water diver certification, and have completed a course more stringent than the civilian counterpart. Students will be prepared for the advanced diver courses leading to certifications in Emergency, Public Safety Diver, Rescue, Recovery, Underwater Crime Scene Investigations, and a list of Technical Diver Certifications leading to Dive Master, and Instructor if desired.

    *  There is a lab fee associated with this course to cover outside costs.
    ** We will provide SCUBA equipment for the course and wetsuits if we have sizes available


    Police Advanced Open Water SCUBA 


    This course if offered to Sworn Law Enforcement personnel who have current Open Water Diver Certifications. 

    The course is comprised of 5 specialty courses and check out dives resulting in the Advanced Open Water Diver Certification.  The specialty courses making up the Advanced OW course consists of: Deep Diver, Underwater Navigation, Night / Limited Visibility, Search and Recovery, and NITROX.

    Students should be able to provide their own gear for this level of instruction, as well as any specialty equipment such as dive lights, line reels, etc. 
    D.O.D. SCUBA can provide equipment at a reasonable fee for the course, however it is encouraged that the students at this level of diving own their own equipment. 

    There will be a Lab Fee cost of $150. and students will be responsible for the costs of the Certifying Agency Card(s), Dive Quarry Fees, and air fills*

    *We will work with surrounding agencies to try and get them to offer air fills for no charge to students..

    note: D.O.D. Scuba was able to get the certifying agency (UDT) to reduce the costs of each specialty course cert.for LEO, in this Advanced Course.  This will result in further savings to the students.


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