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Military units:  Contact Larry Wilkinson President/Director.
 for details pertaining to training capabilities, logistics and solutions.
Other Federal, State, and Local Govt. Agencies:
Please feel free to contact us for any questions or information pertaining to Tactical Tracker Training or our associates.  We'll be glad to discuss courses, classes schedules and prices with you.

    We can provide you with information on custom tailored classes as well as classes through the North Carolina Community College System for Law Enforcement Agencies and Emergency Services personnel.

   If you are traveling to take one of our courses and need help with travel arrangements, we have a professional travel consultant on board or (in house) to help keep your costs and troubles at a minimum. 

Tactical Tracker Training School LLC:
(call for info)
Main office:
Harnett County. NC

  President:  Larry Wilkinson 


   Phone   (919) 524-1685
   Fax         (919) 639-3914

    Program  Director:   "LT" Talon Wilkinson


   Phone    (760) 613-1768
   Fax          (919) 639-3914

  Chief Director of Operations:  Robert W. Lambert

  Director of Operations:   Debra Barbour

   email :

    Phone    (919) 524-1684
    Fax          (919) 639-3914

  Facility Security Officer (FSO):
  Travel Coordinator:     Mary Ann Lambert

  Legal:        Sharon A. Woodard

    5616 11th Ave. South
    Birmingham, AL 35222 



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