Carl Norton
US Customs and Border Protection (Retired)

During Carl's 28 year career in Law Enforcement he worked as a City Marshal and Deputy Sheriff in the state of Arkansas, with the last 22 years in the United States Border Patrol. Carl retired from the Border Patrol in 2006 as a Senior Patrol Agent after having served on the Mexico border of both Texas and Arizona.

Carl's tracking skills were gained from real life work experiences encountered while performing Border Patrol Operational Duties along the US/MEX Border. Beginning in the middle 1980's and throughout his career, Carl served as a Tracking Instructor for the Border Patrol agents, local state, and federal law enforcement agencies, Search and Rescue, United States Military, Canadian Military Special Operations, Anti-Terrorism Assistance Training Program, and Rural Border Patrol Operations course.

During Carl's career with the Border Patrol, he was assigned as the Tucson Sector Coordinator / Lead Instructor and course developer for the Horse Patrol Certification course. Also developed was a course on the tactical use of horses (scouting and patrolling) for Law Enforcement in a back country environment. 

Since retiring from the USBP, Carl has worked as an independent contractor for the US Border Patrol Academy as a Firearms instructor, in Afghanistan for the Border Police Academy, and as a Tracking Instructor.

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