2019 Group Photos

          2019 TTTS course group shots

Below: AA Boone's Basic SWAT Course at Robeson Community College LEO Course 01 March 2019 graduating students. 

Below: TTTS Team 1. TTTS instructor cadre

Below: Members of USAF Fairchild AFB WA EOD.  Tactical Tracker School Combat Tracker C-IED Tactical Acuity Course

Below: Tactical Mantracking for Law Enforcement Course graduates Blue Ridge CC ISLET

Below: Team Aggressive: TTTS Tactical Mantracking for Law Enforcement I, Blue Ridge CC 

Below: Combat Tracker C-IED Tracking Course, Tactical Acuity Class# M120819.

 Below: Instructor Mitch, conducting classroom training for C-IED Tracking. Class #M120819 

Below:TTTS Rural Surveillance for Law Enforcement Course class # L090819

Below: TTTS class Tactical Mantracking for LE Level I. #C150919 Mitchell CC and Frontier Group Sept. 2019

 Below: TTTS class # L101119  Level I Robeson Community College LE Training November 2019


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