2017 Photos

Below:Tactical Tracker Training School,  Tactical Mantracking for Law Enforcement Level I  :   Ocean County, NJ  Class #L091216                                                                                                                                                                                                        Copyright TTTS 2016

Below: Students from Ocean County, NJ  conducting spoor pit demonstration/exercises during Tactical Mantracking level I course.

  Below: Ocean County, NJ students during tracking formation drills
Below: Team Alpha from Ocean County, NJ after successful  level I tracking exercise.

 Below: Randolph CO. NC Tactical Mantracking level I class # L010317

  Below: Tactical Mantracking for LE class #L020317  Caldwell County, NC

Daryl moves up while in flanker position during a PE contact.

Below: Lafourche Parrish, LA  class L030317. Group Shot.

Below: Swamp..

Below: More swamp.

...and more swamp...more fun, more training not for the meek. Talon waist deep in....

Below: Macro tracking...look up and out...can't worry about snakes and things..gotta job to do.

Below: Damn..they went across this slippery, rotten log into the muck.  embrace the suck.

Below:Talon and Bruce Leech, with Team PBR Streetgang, at the end of the exercise.  No room for wheenies or whiners here.

Below:Talon with the team after another long tracking exercise conducting the debrief.  Capt. Smith (Willard) in the foreground.

Below:  Talon and Cpt. Willard, Yep..end of another great day of tracker training in the swamp.

Below: Haywood County, NC  Tactical Mantracking  level I  class L040417 Group shot.

Below: Tactical Mantracking for Law Enforcement level I students during spoor pit demonstrations and exercise.

Below: Haywood Co, NC.   Tracking students on spoor.   

Below: Y-Formation..Contact front.

Below: Haywood County, NC  Tactical Mantracking for LE level I Team Bravo successful follow up last day...but lost our RADIO.
Below: Caldwell County, NC level II class #L060517 Group shot.  Larry's looking rough, but that happens when you survive the 30yd fall down the mountain.

Below: Level II student's headed up the mountain during the PE.

Below: Students headed back down the mountain after the successful track PE.

Below: Tactical Mantracking level II students Returning after the final exercise.

Below: Combat Tracker C-IED Tactical Acuity Course class #M010515 students Group shot.

Below: Talon demonstrating/explaining action indicators in the spoor pit.

Below: Students interpret and explain ground sign anomalies and indicators.

Below: EOD students in the Y formation during a tracking PE.

Below:  Combat Tracking formations.

Below: Student using optics and stand off distance to analyze ground sign anomalies during an IED lane PE


Below: USAF EOD Techs  Combat Tracker C-IED Tactical Acuity Course  Class #M020717  Asheboro.Uwharrie NC

Below: Combat Tracking PE tracking formations at the Asheboro, NC training facility.

Below:Student examines action indicators during a PE at TTTS Uwharrie location.

Below:  USAF Techs using enhanced ground sign awareness TTPs during mine detection PE at TTTS Uwharrie location, Combat Tracker C-IED Tactical Acuity Course.

Below:Tech studies roadside IED detected during the C-IED PE at TTTS Uwharrie training location Combat Tracker C-IED Tactical Acuity Course.

Below:  Post PE debrief at TTTS Asheboro/Uwharrie National Forest training location

Below: TTTS Rural Surveillance for Law Enforcement class #100717   Caldwell CC, Lenoir, NC

   Below: Static Display and Ghili Construction during the TTTS Rural Surveillance for LE course.

Below: Rural Surveillance Students work on their pre mission plan prior to the practical exercise.

Below: Rural Surveillance Students conduct pre mission map reconnaissance and planning

Below: TTTS Tactical Mantracking for Law Enforcement level I class # 110717 Cumberland County, NC SO Robeson CC Lumberton, NC

.Below: Students remove a down tree with knives, machetes, and a hammer, blocking the only entrance and exit into the swamp.

Below: Talon supervises as slow headway ensues and finally prevails,     ...actually most of us were on lookers.

Below: No place to turn around, all swamp and a solid line of patrol vehicles.

Below: Robeson County/Lumber River Swamps all around.  Great for no BS training.

Below: Camp Mackall Banana Spider

Below: Tactical Mantracking for Law Enforcement level I students after the successful final PE.

   The next class...September, 2017

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