The Ultimate in Professional Tactical / Combat / Visual Tracker Training.

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"This was the best course I've ever had. Was it Hard? Yes! However that's what makes it great!"

- Sgt. Michael S. 2nd Batallion, 3rd Marines

             Welcome to the Tactical Tracker Training School LLC

         photo copyright Lawrence Wilkinson 2010

"Without a doubt, by far the BEST course I've been to in the Marine Corps."

- Cpl. Travis M.  1st Batallion, 1st Marines


The Tactical Tracker Training School llc (TTTS) is a Veteran owned, dynamic company dedicated to training members of the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement Community, Homeland Security, and Search / Recovery personnel in the science and discipline of mantracking.

Students graduate from our courses with the confidence and skills to track in any terrain, an increased awareness of their surroundings and potential hostile situations, as well as land navigation / orientation skills. Utilizing methods from the Apache Warrior Scouts, and later Rhodesian Selous Scouts, the program used was perfected by  former Rhodesian Selous Scout and SAS member / world renowned Tracker David Scott-Donelan, the program of instruction has been perfected over the years to be applied to today’s battlefield environment as well as day to day law enforcement situations.   

Tactical Tracker Training School, offers multiple levels of training in any part of the world. We can provide the finest professional tracker and other specialized associated training available from desert mountains to dense jungles and forests.

The course stresses 360 degree team security, IED recognition/location, site exploitation and intelligence gathering as an integral portion of the training.    Our training is designed to teach the Military, Homeland Security and Law Enforcement  tracker, the skills and mindset to track the insurgent, fugitive, smuggler, infiltrator or, escapee, while being completely aware of a hostile environment, or potential hostile situation. We strive to teach the student the tracking skills to make him successful as a tracker, along with the observation skills to make him safer by his heightened sense of awareness.
Our Training teaches the tracker to locate tracks and sign, follow and relocate tracks, while working as a team to find missing and lost persons while gathering real time intelligence.   Our Combat Tracker C-IED Tactical Acuity Course stresses understanding battlefield area baselines and heightened ground sign awareness.

TTTS is Veteran owned and operated. Dedication, professionalism, and discipline are carried on to provide the client with the quality and integrity one would expect from his trainer/instructors..

"...Like I said, I had Tracker Training before in Combat Hunter.  
...but this was the BEST."

- Cpl Dennis D.   USMC Jungle Warfare Training Center Tracking Instructor.

We will gladly send our Mobile Training Team to your location, or any training location you desire to accommodate your training needs.  We  also conduct training at our facilities located in Angier, NC, 20 miles north of Ft. Bragg, NC as well as  on 13 of the Campuses of the North Carolina Community College System Law Enforcement Divisions. Call for more information.  We can provide locations for training in geographical locations to simulate nearly any area of operation the client might be needing from high deserts,dunes, mountains and caves, alpine, woodlands, to jungle environments.  We can also provide training AOs to accommodate HMEs as well.   Contact us for more details.    
   Feel free to contact us for any information or questions you may have.   See our, Contact US page.

 ABOVE:  Photo of my footprint titled Oakley (Spinal Tap) Print.                                 photo copyright Lawrence Wilkinson 2010

This is our latest company vehicle, The cool TTTS JEEP.
Below: TTTS IV 

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